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Vector 1950

The powerful VECTOR 1950 helps to protect your cargo with unparalleled pull down time, precise temperature control and homogenous air distribution thanks to its 5,700 m3/h airflow.
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When choosing a refrigeration unit, you need to be confident it respects cold chain standards, is cost effective and creates minimal impact on the environment, to deliver goods to customers in perfect condition. Our answer is the VECTOR 1950.

Key Features

The VECTOR 1950 offers leading edge E-drive all-electric technology which removes mechanical transmissions found in belt-driven systems and transforms engine power into electricity. This unique and patented solution enables unparalleled pull-down and temperature control, improved total cost of ownership and lower environmental impact. Available in single temp or multi-temp versions with a wide range of multi-temp evaporator options.



2,050 x 430 x 2,227 mm


Road/Standby: 923 kg

Refrigeration capacity (0 °C / + 30 °C):

Road: 18,800 W Standby: 15, 400 W

Refrigeration capacity (-20 °C / + 30 °C):

Road: 10,100 W Standby: 9,100 W


5,700 m3/h

Accessories & Options

Electric standby standard
LED light bar
Additional battery charger for tail lifts & accessories
Underbellly or front wall fuel tank
COLDTouch in-cab display
Euroscan Cold Chain View (Online remote temperature monitoring & asset tracking)