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X4 7500

The Carrier X4 7500 trailer refrigeration solution not only combines performance and efficiency with emissions compliance. It presents an opportunity to better manage your business. Carrier’s X4 7500 Tier 4-compliant platform combines simple, practical d
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The X4 series is designed to outperform other platforms while using less engine power. It’s a paradigm shift to deliver more with less, and that’s exactly what the X4 series achieves: higher refrigeration capacities, better performance, and greater fuel efficiency, all while using less power.The X4 platform features a smarter large-displacement 2.2-liter engine equipped with enhanced sensors and an electronic control module. The engine continually communicates with the APX Control System to optimize performance and eliminate wasted power. The result: an ultra-high-efficiency platform that generates higher capacity and performance using significantly less power. That means X4 engines operate using fewer run hours at lower speeds, increasing their durability and reliability

Key Features

Next-Generation Large-Displacement 2.2-Liter Engine has become “smarter” with the addition of an engine control module, CAN-bus communication, and the powerful APX Control System. Compliant with EPA Tier 4 Final regulations for engines less than 25 HP.

05G 41-CFM 6-Cylinder Compressor. The proven, large-displacement Carrier 05G compressor delivers higher capacity, high efficiency, and faster pulldown at lower speeds. Its superior efficiency reduces horsepower, saves fuel, and extends unit life.

NovationTM Heat Exchanger Technology. By being the first to apply this technology to trailer units, Carrier has optimized a light, damageresistant, ultra-high-efficiency coil that lowers pressures, saves fuel, and keeps the system running in the harshest conditions.

V-ForceTM Fan is engineered with ultra-efficient vortex-suppression blades. The fan is specially designed to pair with microchannel coils to reduce power requirements and noise, while providing more airflow and ensuring operation in the hottest environments.

Braze Plate Heat Exchanger (BPHE). The ultra-compact, brazed-plate heat exchanger offers up to five times greater efficiency than large, traditional “tube and shell” designs. The BPHE increases unit efficiency at frozen setpoints, reduces engine power requirements and fuel use, and is designed to be more robust, offering higher reliability.

APXTM Control System provides the ideal balance between technology and convenience, combining future-forward sophistication with a people-friendly design. The APX Control System unites a variety of advanced electronics and efficient components to continually balance optimum fuel efficiency and performance. This ensures ultra-high-efficiency operation and precise temperature control.

Distributed Electronics. The control system uses automotive-style distributed electronics to place operating modules more efficiently within the unit. The result is higher reliability due to shorter, more efficient wire routing and fewer electrical connections. CAN-bus communication provides easy “plug-and-play” modularity to upgrade units or provide additional functionality.

Electronic Expansion Valve (EXV). Exclusive to Carrier’s ultra-high-efficiency designs, the EXV provides optimal fuel efficiency, temperature control, and compressor protection compared to conventional mechanical expansion valves.

Suction Modulation Valve (SMV). The next generation SMV better controls the flow of refrigerant gas into the compressor, providing better temperature control and compressor power regulation. Operating the compressor at or near its functional design “sweet spot” means it is always running at peak efficiency, reducing engine power, fuel use, and emissions.




1,940 x 2,176 x 579 mm


Road/Standby: 735 kg

Refrigeration capacity (2 °C / + 38 °C):

Road: 19,930 W

Refrigeration capacity (-18 °C / + 38 °C):

Road: 10,845


5,180 m3/h

Accessories & Options

LED light bar
Additional battery charger for tail lifts & accessories
Underbellly or front wall fuel tank
COLDTouch in-cab display
Euroscan Cold Chain View (Online remote temperature monitoring & asset tracking)