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Supra 1250 X

The industry leader for refrigeration capacity and reliability for large sized trucks.
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The SUPRA range of diesel units for trucks combines an unmatched reputation for performance and reliability, with the lowest noise level of its category.

Extremely silent operation for operating in noise-sensitive areas.

Exceptional reliability for superior efficiency and enhanced product protection.

Improved service accessibility that reduces maintenance time, increases security during maintenance and saves costs.

Ease of use with EasyCold® microprocessor control.

Key Features

HFC R404A refrigerant

1,1 litre Tri-Vortex diesel engine

05G 6-cylinder compressor

Standby motor

Remote plug

Low-noise sound control kit

Automatic hot gas / electric heating and defrost system

Manual defrost

Directly accessible oil gauge

Moisture indicator

Two sight glasses to monitor refrigerant level

Dry air, fuel and oil filters

105 amp 14V alternator

Accessory package (electric fuel pump,fuel lines, battery cables)

EasyCOLD® Microprocessor control system



1,995 x 699 x 971 mm


Road/Standby: 640 kg

Refrigeration capacity (0 °C / + 30 °C):

Road: 11,300 W Standby: 8,700 W

Refrigeration capacity (-20 °C / + 30 °C):

Road: 6,550 W Standby: 6,300 W


3,350 m3/h

Accessories & Options

Battery box
Fuel tank
Automatic phase reverser
DataCOLD range
Oil drain extension
Control panel & cable extension
Door switch
Fuel filter heater
Supply air sensor